Top 5 Lightweight Electric Scooters: How to Choose


Finding the ideal electric scooter isn't always easy, especially if you're on a budget. It's difficult to find anything that's both light and foldable. There are numerous electric scooters on the market, but not all are lightweight in terms of design. Some may be heavy to carry around, while others may not be compact or collapsible.

Do you prefer something light and handy? If so, a lightweight electric scooter may be the ideal alternative for you. Individuals that use electric scooters for short trips will prefer portability above power. Considering their collapsible design and lightweight, they are convenient for riders.


Part 1. 5 Best Lightweight Electric Scooters

In this section, we provide the some lightweight electric scooters to make your purchase easier. The models listed here are among the best on the market right now.


The Summary of Top 5 Lightweight Electric Scooters


TurboAnt X7 Pro

Levy Electric Scooter

GoTrax XR Ultra

INOKIM Light 2 Super

Unagi Model One(E350)

Motor and Power

350 W

350 W

300 W

350 W

250 W


30 miles

10 miles

16 miles

20 miles

15.5 miles


20 mph

18 mph

15.5 mph

21 mph

20 mph


33 lb.

27 lb.

26 lb.

30 lb.

26 lb.








1. TurboAnt X7 Pro

The TurboAnt X7 Pro flaunts a lengthy list of outstanding features, including a foldable feature that takes roughly 5 seconds to fold and even less time to unfold. It comes with a creative and precise design that makes it simple to use.

It has a maximum load capacity of 275 pounds (125 kilograms) and a spacious deck. The X7 Pro carries more weight than you need because of its uncompromising load capacity, and the vast, non-slip surface keeps both feet comfy. With an 30-mile run (48 km) maximum dimensions, this scooter meets every rider's need with a single charge.

The built-in 350 W powerful motor reacts quickly to the throttle and quickly releases a large amount of power for a speedy acceleration to your desired speed. The TurboAnt X7 Pro is equipped with effective cruise control, lightweight transportation, and the ability to fit comfortably in concise spaces. Besides, it features a triple braking system.


TurboAnt X7 Pro lightweight electric scooter


Why Buy the Turboant X7 Pro

  • It is portable and sits just fine in car trunks.
  • The electric scooter is well-protected from dust and dampness.
  • Its setup is a breeze.
  • The rear disc brake works well with the front electronic brake to provide quick stops.


2. Levy Electric Scooter

The Levy Electric Scooter is one of the most adaptable electric scooters that features a swappable and quick-change battery system. It's lightweight and collapsible, making it ideal for daily use.

With a maximum speed of 18 mph, this lightweight scooter features 3-speed modes - beginner, ECO, and Sport modes. It also boasts a range of about 10 miles per charge, with a front motor of 350 W and efficient cruise control.

This portable electric scooter features a rear disc brake, a front electric brake, and a back fender brake system to maintain balance. It also has integrated LED headlights and a rear tail and braking light. Ride through the rain and sunshine up the dark. The Levy is small and light, weighing only 27 lb. It cost about $499 with 8-inch tires.


Levy lightweight electric scooter


Why Choose the Levy Electric Scooter

  • It charges more quickly than asserted.
  • The rapid changeover battery technology compensates for the electric scooters' short range.
  • The 10" tubed tires on the front and back provide improved shock absorption and a smooth ride.


3. GoTrax XR Ultra

The GoTrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter kills two birds with one stone, as it is both sturdy and high-quality. It is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market and folds down in seconds for convenient transport.

The GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooter has a remarkable top speed of 15.5 mph, making it one of the fastest folding scooters money can buy. It cost about $449.

This GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooter has an aluminum frame and only weighs 26 pounds which is perfect if you plan on carrying it around often. The manufacturers should be appraised with a motor front of 300 W and an effective cruise control activation.


GoTrax XR Ultra lightweight electric scooter


What Makes the GoTrax XR Ultra Appealing?

  • It has an aluminum framework.
  • It is extremely light and handy.
  • It includes a high-quality battery.
  • Double brakes are fitted to the scooter.


4. INOKIM Light 2 Super

As a result of its minimal weight distribution and use of heavy materials commonly utilized in industrial designs, the INOKIM Light 2 Super electric scooter epitomizes active steering and control. This scooter's 30-pound weight allows it to be effortlessly conveyed anywhere.

It also boasts a sleek motor power of about 350 W and could peak up to 650 W, allowing you to travel at 21 mph. Besides, this lightweight scooter is fitted with LED optics and a 36 V Samsung battery. It takes 6 hours to charge, has a mileage of about 20 miles in one charge, and sells for $1,300.


INOKIM Light 2 Super lightweight electric scooter


Why Go With the INOKIM Light 2 Super

  • High-end, long-lasting construction.
  • For such a lightweight scooter, the range is striking.
  • With its entirely foldable frame, it's extremely portable.
  • Incredible performance on all levels.


5. Unagi Model One E350

Most users are fascinated by the Unagi Model One electric scooter's smooth and eye-catching look. It's rather compact and lightweight for its size, making it a perfect scooter to carry around with you because it folds up effortlessly.

Despite its small size, the Unagi Model One E350 boasts a powerful 350 W motor that can drive riders up to 20 mph. Its battery ranges about 15.5 miles and takes about 4 hours to charge fully.

Additionally, the Unagi Model One pieces are carbon fiber. Also, the front and rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping capability. The tires, which are constructed of durable rubber, are one of the model's highlights. With $790, you can get this electric scooter and enjoy an amazing ride.


Unagi Model One E350 lightweight electric scooter


Why Choose the Unagi Model One?

  • It features a frame that is both sturdy and solid.
  • With a strong folding mechanism, it's easy to transport.
  • The battery management system with artificial intelligence and charging time is short.



Part 2. Why Need a Lightweight Electric Scooter

There are several plausible reasons why one needs a lightweight electric scooter. There are models crafted by high-quality manufacturers that are relatively light and built to last. Hence, they are lightweight and strong to serve their users' purposes.

Besides strength and longevity, a couple of modern lightweight electric scooters feature speed levels up to 25 mph.

One of the critical selling facets of lightweight electric scooters is their portability, strength, and speed. If you purchase a lighter electric scooter, you can carry it on the bus or train, in a coffee shop, on your apartment stairs, or even into your office. Also, because of their collapsible structure and lightweight, they are ideal for riders.


Part 3. How to Choose a Lightweight Electric Scooter

The best lightweight electric scooter may not be the best for you. Hence, there are many other things you need to consider when buying a lightweight electric scooter. These include:



Some of the best lightweight electric scooters are very expensive. So it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend to get the scooter. Some of the cheap electric scooters cost between $500 and $700.



If you are looking for a lightweight electric scooter, you need to consider its weight. Lightweight scooters are easy to carry around, and some are even foldable, so you can store or keep them with ease when not in use.


Portable Electric Scooter



Unlike cars, scooters are not necessarily parked outside. So if you live in an apartment, the need for space conservation, compactness, and foldability become even more important. It is advisable to go for a foldable scooter that you can store in a concise space in your home, workplace, or place in your car when traveling.


Terrain the Scooter Can Handle

This is another important factor when it comes to buying a lightweight model. Do you plan to ride on smooth or rough terrain or uphill roads? You should answer this question because not all scooters ride efficiently on uneven terrain.



While electric scooters are among the most comfortable two-wheelers, there are differences between them. So your choice of comfortability is important in deciding what kind of scooter to purchase.

Some models feature a seat with a backrest, some with only a seat, while others don't have any. Besides, some scooters offer you more control to make your ride much easier. The comfort you will get as you ride should be your top watch.


Weight Load

Just as the scooter weight is important when looking for a lightweight model, so is the weight limit. The projected weight loads of a scooter determine who can ride it and how fast it will go.



How far one can travel on a scooter at any time is also important. The average scooter can travel between 6 to 25 miles at a stretch. So when purchasing a lightweight scooter, consider the distance you intend to travel with it—this will help narrow down your decision.



Different scooters have different speed limits. Some are fast, while others are relatively slow. If you seek the thrill of a speedy ride, then a scooter that runs up to 20mph and above is great for you.


Battery Lifespan

Generally, when measuring total capacity, the average battery lifespan ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 miles, which is 1 to 3 years by estimate. When purchasing an electric lightweight scooter, you should consider its battery life if you want to enjoy a long ride after numerous uses.



This also should be one of the things you consider when buying one. These factors include speed limits, balance, and how easy you can operate it. So when purchasing a scooter, place all these into consideration. Also, remember the importance of a helmet.



No one wants an electric scooter that will break down in less than half a year. So you should consider the strength of materials used in making it and how long it can serve you.



This is a more general factor to consider, as different people interpret convenience differently. The question to ask is if it is easy to use. Does it require a complicated setup, or are you good to go when you step out of the house? Put this into consideration to help narrow out your decision.


Storage and Maintenance

When looking for a lightweight electric scooter, you should consider if it is easier to maintain. Also, can you easily store the scooter when not in use? Some scooters are foldable, making them easier to store in a concise space in your home or office. However, some non-foldable models might require you to find a suitable place where you can keep them.


Wrap Up

All of the aforementioned electric scooters made the top 2022 list. If you're seeking a lightweight electric scooter for commuting or short-range trips, any of the scooters listed above is definitive. These electric scooters fold up conveniently, making them handy to transport.

However, the TurboAnt X7 Pro is at the top of the list and is the best lightweight electric scooter with swappable battery on the market, thanks to its great cruise control, portable, and ability to fit easily in tight spaces.

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