The 5 Best Fastest Electric Bikes That You Can Consider Buying


Gone are the days when bicycles used to crawl at a speed of 8 or 10 miles per hour. Now, with pedal-assist technology, some of the fastest e-bikes can even be ridden at 30+ miles per hour. Therefore, if you are also looking for the fastest electric bike, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will help you pick the fastest and cheapest electric bike by listing 5 different options. 


What are the Legal Limits for Fast Electric Bikes?

Ideally, electric e-bikes are motor and battery assistive vehicles. Therefore, the more powerful its motor, the faster your electric bike can get. In the present market, you can easily see bikes with a top speed of up to 32 miles per hour.

The overall legal limits for the fastest electric bicycle would depend on its class and your location. In the US, the maximum legal limit for electric bikes is 28 mph while in Europe, most countries can have the limit of up to 15.5 mph.


Different Classes of Electric Bikes (for their Speed)

Based on their overall speed, electric bikes can be classified into three different categories in the US:
Class 1: These are the most basic types of electric bikes that can only assist in pedaling (no throttle). They can only assist you once you start to pedal and can go up to 20 mph.
Class 2: They support both pedaling and throttle, but they still have the assistive maximum speed of 20 mph. If you want to go faster, then you can disable the motor.
Class 3: These are the fastest electric bikes in the market with advanced pedal assistive features and can go at even 30+ miles per hour.


5 Fastest and Cheapest Electric Bikes to Consider

Even though there are tons of fast and cheap electric bikes in the market, I would consider exploring these options:


1. BAKCOU Flatlander

Available for almost $3000, this is the fastest electric bicycle that you can get commercially. It is powered by a 750W motor that supports a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.

Motor: 750W Bafang
Max speed: 35 mph
Tires: 26 by 4-inch traction support
Battery: 48v 14.5ah Li-Ion
Suspension: 100mm AIR Fork
Display: LCD full color
Max load: 300 lbs.
Average range: 40 miles
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Lights: 400lm Headlight
Brakes: Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic


BAKCOU Flatlander Fast Bike


  • This fastest e-bike is powered by a 750-watt Bafang motor that can go on for around 30+ miles per hour.
  • It also supports a 48V battery that supports the maximum range of 40 miles.
  • The fastest electric bike is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and weighs only 63 pounds.
  • Other features include 100mm AIR Fork suspension, hydraulic brakes, Shimano Alivio 9-speed gearing, and a full-color LCD.


2.Turboant Thunder 1

This is an ideal fast and cheap electric bike that is equipped with tons of premium features and can be bought for less than $1500.

Turboant Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Motor: 750W Brushless
  • Tires: 26 by 4-inch puncture-resistant
  • Battery: 48 V 14 Ah Samsung Li-Ion
  • Transmission: 7-speed Shimano Derailleur
  • Max load: 264 lbs.
  • Max speed: 19.9 mph
  • Average range: 40-60 miles
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  • This fastest and cheapest electric bike runs on a brushless 750-watt motor, giving it a maximum speed of around 20 mph.
  • It is also powered by a 48 V battery that can go on for around 40 to 60 miles.
  • Since Turboant Thunder T1 has 4-inch-wide puncture-resistant tires, it makes it ideal for all terrains.
  • You would also get Tektro brakes in this fastest e-bike with a 7-speed Shimano Derailleur transmission and a smart LCD.


3.Trek Domane+ HP

If you want to drive the fastest electric bicycle on the road, then Domane+ HP from Trek can be a preferred though. Though, it would cost you around $6000 to drive this fastest e-bike home.

Motor: 500 W Bosh Powertube

Max speed: 28 mph

Tires: Schwalbe G-One Speed

Battery: Bosch PowerTube 500

Transmission: 11-speed Shimano GRX RX810

Display: Bosh Kiox

Max load: 275 lbs.

Average range: 40-60 miles

Charging time: 3-5 hours

Brakes: Rx100 Hydraulic and Disc


Trek Domane+ HP


  • One of the fastest electric bikes, it is powered by a 500 W Bosh motor that supports a maximum speed of 28 mph.
  • It features OCLV technology that makes it extremely lightweight and easy to ride.
  • It is made up of IsoSpeed Top Tube and a wide frame, letting you ride it on different terrains.
  • Other features include dual brakes, additional tire clearance, Blendr stem, and more.


4. Rad Power RadRover 5

RadRover 5 is another fast and cheap electric bike option that you can try. The fastest e-bike is pretty easy to ride and is recommended to beginners.

Motor: 750 W

Tires: 4-inch puncture-resistant

Battery: 48 V 14 Ah Li-Ion

Transmission: 7-speed Shimano SL-TX50-7R

Display: LCD screen

Max load: 275 lbs.

Max speed: 20 mph

Average range: 45 miles

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Lights: LED headlights

Brakes: Tektro 180 mm front and rear


Rad Power RadRover 5


  • This is a 4-inch-wide tire bike that you can easily ride on mountains and other terrains.
  • RadRover 5 is powered by a 750W motor that supports a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • It is also equipped with tons of security features like 180mm brakes, puncture-resistant tires, and more.
  • It runs on a 14 Ah Li-Ion battery that can go on for around 45 miles after a full charge.


5. Kasen K-6.0 High-Power Electric Bike

Lastly, you can also consider Kasen K-6.0, which is one of the fastest electric bikes that is powered by a 1000 W motor.

Motor: 1000W

Average speed: 21 mph

Tires: 26 by 4-inch Kenda

Battery: 48V 14.5 Ah

Transmission: 7-Speed Shimano

Display: 750C LCD

Max load: 275 lbs.

Charging time: 4-6 hours

Brakes: Tektro Disc brakes


Kasen K-6.0 High-Power Electric Bike

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