The Best Budget Electric Bikes in 2021


Are you confused about which electric bike to buy? In this guide, we will tell you about some of the options you can choose from so that you can decide on which best budget electric bike you want to buy for yourself. You will also learn to identify the key features and salient qualities you should look for when buying your first budget electric bike.


Part 1: Which is the Best Budget Electric Bike?

1.1 Turboant Thunder T1 - Best Budget Electric Mountain Bike


If you are planning on buying your first budget e bike, there are some things that you should look for and understand about them. There are certain features and qualities that you have to look for when buying these sorts of bikes. The Turboant Thunder T1 is a good option for those of you looking to decide on the best budget electric mountain bike in 2021. The design, the specs, and the features that this bike comes with make it a great option that you can consider. 

The Turboant Thunder T1 comes with a sleek and stylish design and a construction that makes it suitable for people of all ages. If you are an 18-year old enthusiast looking to buy his first bike or whether you are a seasoned person looking for a mountain bike, the Turboant Thunder T1 will accommodate you. The features and the qualities of the Turboant Thunder T1 make it appropriate for all sorts of people with different sorts of needs.


best budget electric bike

Tech Specs
The specs of the Turboant Thunder T1 include:

  • A 750 Watt Brushless gear motor: Brushless motors have better performance, and they are less likely to deteriorate quickly than brushed parts. Brushless motors are efficient, and this motor is one of the prime features of the Thunder T1.

  • A 48 Volt Lithium-ion Battery: Lithium-ion technology is the new system used in high-quality batteries. They provide higher power density for longer-lasting performance and an overall better experience.

  • The range for the Thunder T1 is 56 to 97 km: Once you have juiced up your bike, you can easily travel 56 to 97 kilometers on it without worrying about having to charge it again. This range is good for people who want to buy this bike for everyday chores and tasks.

  • 120 kg or 264 lb. weight limit: The Thunder T1 is made for all sorts of people. Old and young can enjoy this bike, and therefore, it has a nice and comfortable weight limit of 120 kg or 264 pounds.

  • Lightweight construction weighing up to approx. 33 kg: When buying a budget electric bike, you don’t want it to weigh a ton. You want it to be lightweight, agile, and easily maneuverable. The Thunder T1 takes care of that with its lightweight construction.

  • Pedal assistance with levels 0 to 5: Worried about busting out your legs when riding? Don’t worry because the Thunder T1 comes with Pedal Assistance that can help you pedal faster and easier. You can set the assistance at level 0 or level 5, depending on the assistance you need.


Key Features

There are some other things and aspects that you have to keep in mind when buying the best budget electric bike. These things are:

  1. You have to make sure that the parts are all included in your package. Then you have to properly assemble them. The assembly of the bike is of paramount importance. If you end up configuring the bike incorrectly, it can lead to accidents and failures in the most dangerous and precarious situations.

  2. You must get a specialist or a mechanic to do so. Don’t try to assemble and set up the bike yourself. There are some chances that you can go wrong and end up endangering your health and safety.

  3. The rear and front wheels must be properly tightened so that the structure of the bike remains intact. You can very well imagine what can happen if the wheels are not properly attached to the frame of the bike.

  4. The main electric features of the bike include lighting and pedal assistance. The word Electric Bike may bring to your mind some futuristic craft of galactic proportions. But you must know that it is, after all, a bike which is adorned and enhanced with electric components.

  5. Care should be taken for the braking system installation.


Why it stands out?

There are quite a few reasons why the Thunder T1 stands out from the rest. The structure, the mechanics, and the electrical components are all salient features. When it comes to the body of the bike, the tires of the Thunder T1 are great for gripping the road and providing good traction. The backlight is battery-operated so that you can apply your brakes and let any rider behind you know you are halting. The levers for the braking system are made of aluminum alloy for high-quality performance and feedback. The 7-Speed gear can make your riding experience sporty and comfortable while the KMC chain will ensure good speed and controlled mobility. The framework is also made from aluminum alloy for durability and a long-lasting experience.

1.2 Turboant Swift S1 – Best Budget Folding Electric Bike


Are you looking for the best budget emtb? The Turboant Swift S1 may be the bike for you. When you are looking to buy the best budget electric bike, there are some specs and some qualities that you must keep in mind. The Swift S1 can be the best budget folding electrical bike for you. The design is sleek and aesthetic, with a light construction that will allow for better agility and maneuverability. The construction makes the Swift S1 compatible with all age groups from 16 to 70. So, it doesn’t matter if the buyer is a young enthusiast looking to buy his first budget electric bike or a veteran looking for a solid, sturdy, and durable bike. The Swift S1 is a good choice that can make your biking experience much better.

best budget electric bike

Tech Specs

  • The Swift S1 features a brushless motor. The brushless motors are more hard-wearing than brushed motors. They provide better performance and are more efficient.

  • It has a Lithium-ion battery that provides high power density for longer usage.

  • It can support up to 120 kg or 264 pounds which can support all types of riders. From lither and light youngsters to heavy and sturdy veterans, this bike is made for all.

  • The charge can last you from 56 kilometers to 97 kilometers. This makes it great for rides in the city and for small commutes.

  • The weight of the bike itself is 30.8 kilograms.


Key Features

  1. The Swift S1 is a folding bike. Therefore, special care must be taken for the assembly so that no sort of problems occur while riding and cause accidents. You also need some relevant tools and equipment to assemble it.

  2. The wheel mounting system should be inspected and checked before you decide to take the bike out for a ride. This will help in foreseeing potential problems and disasters.

  3. The levers of the braking system must be properly set up. The system is quite intricate, and it must be carefully arranged in order to avoid problems.


Why it stands out?

The Swift S1 is a good bike in many regards, and there are quite a few features that make it unique and stand out. The tires are 20 by 4 inches with reflective strips. The bike features 7-speed gears to provide a sporty and fun experience while riding. You can adjust the gears to make yourself comfortable on the road. The salient feature of the Swift S1 is that it is a foldable bike which makes it convenient and efficient to own.


Part 2: What should I look for when buying an Electric Bike?

There are several things that you should keep in mind when you decide to go looking for an electric bike to buy. These things are:

1. What is your usage going to be?

The first thing you need to determine when buying an electrical bike is where you are going to use it. There are many different uses to which you can put your bike to. The use of the bike can also differ depending on whether you will use it frequently or scarcely.

So, the first thing you should ascertain is what you are going to use the bike for. After that, you can choose the one that suits you best.

2. What kind of riding experience are you looking for?

Then there is the other thing you have to keep in mind; what experience are you looking for.

When it comes to a colloquial classification, there are two main types of e-bikes. One is the type of bike where your bike automatically detects your speed and your pedaling rate to give you pedaling assistance. The pedal assistance keeps up for a certain speed and then stops. That speed is usually 25 km/h. There are some instances where you could up that limit, but for that, you need to go through some processes and end up getting a license and relevant materials that allow you to reach higher speeds.

The other type does not automatically detect the speed or rhythm. In this type, you can simply use a switch to get assistance whenever you need it and turn it off once you’re done.

3. The type of Motor Mount

There are two types of Motor Mounts. One is called the ‘Hub Motor Assist,’ and the other is called the ‘Crank Motor Assist.’ Each one has different benefits and characteristics. You should acquaint yourself with them, and decide which one suits you the best.

4. The battery

The bikes we discussed before were both powered by Lithium-ion batteries. Basically, the manufacturer of the battery can mean a lot of difference for you and for your experience. Since the e-bike depends on the battery for its functioning, you should be attentive about which battery you are getting. Knowing good battery manufacturers is integral if you want to buy an e-bike.

5. Check the range

One of the decisive features of e-bikes is their range. The range is defined as the distance the bike can travel in one charge. The Turboant Swift S1 had a range of 56 to 97 kilometers. The range should be considered when buying an e-bike.


Part 3: Q and A

1. Are cheap e-bikes any good?

Yes, if you know what you are looking for. Generally, e-bikes cost around $2000 to $5000, but you can get some bikes, like the Thunder T1, in less. These bikes are worth it because they can provide you with the perks that an e-bike usually comes with, such as pedal assistance and display.

2. How much does a good electric bike cost?
Good electric bikes can cost around $2000 to $5000. But some good bikes can cost you lesser than that as well, such as the Turboant E-bikes.

3. What is the best cheap electric bike?

The Turboant Thunder T1 is a good choice for those looking for cheap e-bikes. The price tag is reasonable, and the specs are not that bad either.

4. Are Electric Bikes Legal?

Yes, electric bikes are street legal. They are treated just like normal bicycles, but they should not exceed the speed limits imposed on them.


Part 4: Conclusion

If you are looking to buy the best budget electric bike, then you should take a gander at the two products offered by Turboant. The Turboant Thunder T1 and Turboant Swift S1 are both good electric bikes with impressive specs and quality features. The Thunder T1 is a mountain bike made for those enthusiasts who like to ride on rough surfaces and uneven roads such as mountain tracks. The Swift S1 is a foldable bike made for those who like convenience. These two bikes are priced reasonably in order to increase their desirability.

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