The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike in 2021


Fat tire electric bike is, without a doubt, very peculiar and, above all, striking. The first thing that strikes you in the design of fat bikes is their fat wheels. As you can imagine, with this type of wheel it is possible to drive on the most complicated terrain.

But, perhaps what you did not know is that nowadays more and more fat bikes are also available in an electric version, which is a great help for those cyclists who want to continually overcome themselves and leave behind all kinds of obstacles. 

And it is that, although a long time ago seeing a wide-wheel bicycle was a rarity, nowadays they are being noticed more and more on the streets and, especially, in bicycle shops. So much so that, there is a wide variety of folding fat tire electric bike models. Let's see below its main characteristics and the best model of fat bikes.


What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Fat tire electric bikes or fat e-bikes as they are also known are made to provide greater traction on especially slippery and rough terrain, they are ideal for mountainous roads, dirt, and cold climates.

One of its advantages is that it allows you to travel much further in difficult terrain and also not exert as much energy or battery drain, as well as physical effort while you move more. They also help prevent slipping on terrain with particular climatic conditions such as snow or humidity.

As with any bicycle, the fat tire electrics you choose must be designed for your needs, however, you must also take into account certain characteristics so that you can have a good purchase.

Today we will talk more about the best fat tire electric bike models which are TurboAnt Thunder T1 and TurboAnt Swift S1:


TurboAnt Thunder T1 - Best Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike:


Turboant Thunder T1 Fat Tire Mountain E-Bike


With the TurboAnt Thunder T1, you will be able to reach those mountain routes that you could not before, not only because it has incredible power thanks to its 750W brushless motor, but the autonomy offered by its 48 V 14 Ah battery is unmatched.

The motor will give you a maximum speed of between 35 and 60 mph. 


Tech Specs:

- Weight: 73 Pounds

- Frame: High-grade aluminum

- Top speed: 28 mph

- Maximum Range: 35 to 60 miles

- Tire: Kenda Fat Tires 26 inch x 4.0 inch

- Derailleur: SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur 

- Suspension: RST Alloy adjustable front fork

- Motor: 750 W brushless motor

- Battery: Samsung 48 V 14 Ah


Why it stands out?

- Puncture-resistant tires

- Ideal for 5’3” to 6’4” riders

- Adjustable RST hydraulic preloaded front fork

- Powerful performance

- Very comfortable ride


Turboant Swift S1 - Best Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike:


Turboant Swift S1 Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike


This folding fat tire electric bike is the model created to challenge the limits, so if you are a lover of fat bikes because you like to ride on any terrain. This model will take on the barriers with great performance.

An investment that will be worth it in every way, since you will be able to live in the city thanks to its folding system, that is, you will be able to move in it and at the same time use the public transport system if necessary.

On the other hand, and not least, you will have power thanks to its 750W brushless motor. Here is one of its secrets to be an extreme fat tire folding bike with which you will reach 28 miles per hour.

Its 14 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery is integrated and does not alter the balance and lightness of the bike in any way. Plus, the charging time is just 3 to 7 hours so your Turboant Swift S1 will be ready overnight while you rest for your next adventure.

Made for the toughest cycling and yet it does not lose in aesthetics with its attractive color, much less in dynamics, partly due to its finishes and aluminum material that intervene in a good way in flexibility, speed, and ergonomics.


Tech specs:

- Frame: High-grade aluminum

- Top speed: 28 mph

- Maximum Range: 35 to 60 miles

- Tire: 20” x 4” fat tire

- Derailleur: SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur

- Suspension: Alloy adjustable front fork

- Motor: 750 W brushless motor

- Battery: 14 Ah li-ion battery


Why it stands out?

- Powerful 48 V 14 Ah battery

- Puncture resistant fat tires

- 12-gauge robust stainless-steel spokes

- Folds in seconds

- Built with comfort 

- Ideal for off-road biking

- 330 pounds maximum load capacity


How to Choose a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Given the proliferation of big-wheeled bike offerings, it can seem difficult to make the right choice. Finding a best fat tire ebike adapted to your needs must be done respecting some selection criteria that we have classified as follows:


The type of bicycle frame:

Often, we mistakenly think that fat bikes are mountain bikes. You should remember that there is an urban bike with a classic look. 

Other bikes have a folding frame ideal if you are planning to go on vacation and carrying the bike in any other vehicle or the converted truck. 

You should note that you will find different types of material for the frame, steel, aluminum, titanium. The rate of the electric fat tire mountain bike will vary depending on the material used. Aluminum has the advantage of not being too heavy for a very satisfactory solidity for this type of bicycle.


Brushless motor power:

This is the sensitive area of ​​the big-wheel electric bike. Electromagnetic motors exist in powers ranging from 250 W to 1000 W. You should know that in Europe the power of electric bicycles is limited to 250 W. You can buy a more powerful bike but for use on private land.


Bicycle battery:

Linked directly to engine power, fat bike batteries are of the lithium-ion type. therefore, they have a certain number of charge cycles provided by the manufacturer. 

You will find ebikes with 36V to 48V batteries. In 48V you will have powers of 500W or 1000W which gives a better torque to your bike. Keep in mind that the bike with 1000W is restricted in terms of its power so as not to exceed current regulations.

Did you know? The battery should be recharged at least once a month, even if you are not riding the bike.


The weight of the bike:

This is the main point that you should verify when buying a fat tire electric bicycle. The weight of a fat bike is around 25 to 30 kg. This may seem important, but with a 500W motor, you will not feel any difficulty with this weight. Please note that the weight of the bike is related directly to the frame material. 


The type of brakes:

Brakes are a neat trick from manufacturers to lower the price. You will find two types of braking. The classic cable disc brake and hydraulic disc brake. If you use your fat bike for a vacation ride on the levees or the beach, cable braking is more than enough. On the other hand, if you are going to push your bike through mountains or forests, hydraulic braking is essential.


Fat bike speeds:

This kind of e-bike has, like other bicycles, a Shimano-type derailleur that relieves the e-motor and your effort during rides. Note that it also allows you to return without power assistance in case your battery is empty. Therefore, the fat tire e-bike is a bicycle that can be utilized in classic mode or e-assistance mode.


The autonomy of the fat bike:

It will depend on the type of battery and the power of the brushless motor. Know that a 1000 W motor with a 48 V battery will take you on hikes of more than 70 km without a problem. 

One tip: don't use your fat bike at full power, manage the electric assistance according to the terrain. On flat roads prefer a low level of assistance. Save your resources for the odds and tough areas.


Fat bike electronics:

It is the heart of your ebike. It will manage the power of the bike according to the road. It will indicate speed, power consumption. The odometer will give you a good indication of the remaining battery time.


Additional characteristics:

It's the icing on the cake for your bike. On some models, you can recharge your mobile phone via a USB socket on the battery. It can have front and rear LED lighting. Lastly, big wheel city bikes have a rack to put a bag or basket.


FAQs on Fat Tire Electric Bike:

Q. Should I get a fat tire ebike?

A. Fat tire electric bike can be used by anyone who likes to ride rough trails. It is an electric touring bike in places with difficult terrain. That is, they are designed to roll on sand, snow, or even potholes.

Although they are used more in natural places, their versatility and the comfort to walk on all types of terrain make them very popular. Electric fat bikes for their part are used for cyclists who venture into natural areas but want to extend their exploration and routes for longer.

Some love to ride their bike along a coast or in snowy landscapes and fat bikes give them that possibility, but if we add to this an engine that allows you to enjoy the ride for longer when you reach your physical limit, we are gaining a lot.

Although most electric fat bikes are also designed to ride on the pavement, they were made to be used on complex terrain trails, and it is a bike exclusively to be used by those who want to have fun and ride natural routes.

Q. Are fat tire bikes safer?

A. Of course,fat tire electric bike is rather safer than normal bikes. It provides more contact surfaces since they are heavy, they will not be blown by the wind and will not slip easily.

Q. Are fat tire bikes fast?

A. Fat bike takes very low tire pressure. That means no wasted energy and that offers a very fast riding experience overall.

Electric fat bikes generally have a very powerful central motor as they are heavy bicycles both due to their structure, the tires, the same motor, and the weight of the rider. That is why your motor must be robust and at least between 500 W and 1000 W.

As for the tires, these are large and can have wheels between 3 and 5 inches, which ensure grip on uneven or inconsistent roads such as dust or snow, as well as in dense mud.

Q. Are fat tire bikes better for heavy riders?

A.These fat tire electric bicycle are heavy, that is why you should take into account your weight and that of the bike when choosing one, since both the motor, the battery, and the wheels give extra weight to the bicycle. You should consider one that has a bearable weight for you.

Keep in mind that each of the fat-tire electric bicycles may have different characteristics, each one stands out in itself for the material and the modality they provide. The important thing is to know which is the one that best suits your needs.



If you are a lover of off-road routes and trails, a fat tire electric bike will undoubtedly be the best option for you. Not only will you be able to handle all the mud, snow, water, sand that you cross your way, but it will offer you a fairly long, safe, and above all very comfortable trip.

The tires will make you go through any obstacle and the electric motor will help you extend your driving experience much longer.

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